In our lab, we have a TT-AFM, and an LS-AFM from AFM Workshop. We had one of the very first examples of this microscope, so although it's fairly new, the instrument, and the software has developed a lot during that time. On this page, I have collected together various materials that can help use the TT-AFM instrument. Note that although this material is all based on the TT-AFM, a lot of it probably applies to the other instruments from AFM Workshop, since they are all based on the same electronics. Lots of more general information about AFM operation can be found around this website (links on the left), and of course in my book.


 Some images from the TT-AFM obtained in our lab showing gold nanospheres, gold nanotriangles (phase image), tobacco mosaic virus, and Quantum Dots (2 nm).

 UPDATE: The latest version of the AFM Workshop software 2.03, seems to be far superior to 1.58, which I was using previously. I reccommend strongly that everyone check this version out.

Please let me know of any additions you can suggest to the list below!


TT-AFM Troubleshooting

This is a google docs document, with a list of "known issues" in the operation of the TT-AFM (along with solutions or workarounds), that I created. I welcome additions /editing of this document!

AFM Workshop Forum

Definitely the best place to ask about any issues you are having. The creator of the AFM and AFM Workshop support staff, as well as other users will see your questions. This forum also has lots of useful information about the various AFM workshop instruments. Note that you need to be an instrument user to get onto this private forum. Contact AFM Workshop to get a password.

TT-AFM: High Resolution Settings

An article I wrote to help users attain high resolution using the instrument, based on software version v2.03

TTAFM Protocols

A .pdf file with the protocols for use of the AFM in my lab. Although designed for users in our lab, may be useful for others. Contains startup, shutdown, probe insert, approach, scanning procedures, amongst others.

AFM Workshop Fileserver

This is the location for downloading files from AFM workshop. You will need a password to access the server.

AFM Workshop videos

Videos of Paul introducing the TT-AFM. May be useful as an introduction to the instrument. There's even a video featuring me there!


The home page of the gwyddion software used to open and process the files from the TT-AFM. Available for both windows and Linux. Note that other software can be used as well; recent versions of WSxM open the files natively. More software can be found here.

Noise Measurement 

This page describes in a ste-by-step manner, how to make a "standard" Z noise floor measurement on the TT-AFM should also apply to all other AFM Workshop instruments.

 As usual, please feel free to make suggestions, via the contact page. I would very much like to have suggestions /additions to the TT-AFM Troubleshooting document.