During our recent Porto AFM Training Workshop, we held a little competition, asking the students to produce and process the best images they could.

This year, the winner of the competition was Magdalena Scheibe, who produced this beautiful image of human hair. Well done, Magdalena!


Magdalena's winning image
Magdalena's winning image

However, we must also acknowledge two very inventive submissions, firstly this Game of Thrones-inspired one from Izabela (scanned with Anita), which actually shows a "wall" of nanoparticles, and nicely processed in SPIP.


Game of Thrones Nanofans
Game of Thrones Nanofans - Winter Is Coming

And finally, this "Moonlanding" on another hair surface from Sandra and Rita. Very nice!

Ana Rita and SandraExploring Hair at the Nanoscale with AFM

Thanks to everyone who entered the competition!


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