Where to buy: AFM Probes - Distributors


This page lists distributors (as oposed to manufacturers) of AFM and other SPM probes. Currently the list is (very) incomplete.



Nanoandmore sell to the U.S.A. via one site, and Europe, African and the Middle East via another. They distribute for Nanoworld SPM Probes, as well as specialty probes from Nanotools and sQube

I usually buy my probes from Scientec. Distribute appnano probes (amongst many others) in Europe. I find them to make the fastest deliveries around, at about the same price as other suppliers..


Shaefer cover all of Europe and sell AppNano, MikroMasch and NaDia probes, as well as instruments.

K-Tek nanotechnology, LLC

K-Tek Technology is a global distributor of standard and speciality probes for a wide range of applications.


If I any have missed any distributors, or made any other errors, please feel free to make suggestions, via the contact page.



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