The book, "Atomic Force Microscopy" by Peter Eaton and Paulbook cover  West was published in March 2010 by OUP.

There is some information about it at this site, but it's somewhat out of date. In particular the contents listing is not quite correct.

 Here is the correct contents of "Atomic Force Microscopy": 


Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Background to AFM
1.2 AFM today

Chapter 2: Instrumental Aspects of AFM
2.1 Basic concepts in AFM instrumentation
2.2 The AFM stage
2.3 AFM electronics
2.4 Acquisition software
2.5 AFM cantilevers and probes
2.6 AFM instrument environment
2.7 Scanning environment

Chapter 3: AFM Modes
3.1 Topographic modes
3.2 Nontopographic modes
3.3 Surface modification

Chapter 4: Measuring AFM Images
4.1 Sample preparation
4.2 Measuring contact mode images
4.3 Measuring intermittent contact mode images
4.4 High-resolution imaging
4.5 Force curves

Chapter 5: Image Processing in AFM
5.1 Processing AFM images
5.2 Displaying AFM images
5.3 Analysing AFM Images

Chapter 6: Image Artifacts in AFM
6.1 Probe artefacts
6.2 Scanner artefacts
6.3 Image processing artefacts
6.4 Vibration noise
6.5 Noise from other sources
6.6 Other artefacts

Chapter 7: Applications of AFM
7.1 AFM applications in materials science
7.2 AFM applications in nanotechnology
7.3 AFM applications in the life sciences
7.4 Industrial AFM applications

Appendix A: AFM Standards

Appendix B: Scanner Calibration and Certification Procedures

Appendix C: Third Party AFM Software





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