2. Shutdown Procedure

  1.  Ensure disengaged from surface
  2. Lift head ca. 1cm.
  3. Exit Software (e.g. AFM Workshop 1.4.1.exe)[1]
  4. Turn off EBox
  5. Shutdown PC and turn off monitor
  6. Remove your sample, and probe if appropriate.
  7. Remove video camera to USB
  8. Turn off video camera light source
  9. Fit dust cap to video microscope
  10. 10.   Place dust sheet over AFM

[1] BUG ALERT: Some versions of the software do not shutdown if you use the red box with a cross in the upper right of the window. Instead exit with the “Exit” button on the Topo Scan Tab. If the software won’t close, use windows task manager to close it.)