This instrument is supervised by: Peter Eaton, contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Long Beach AFM Computer WorkstationLong Beach AFM Head

Instrument Information

This instrument is a modified TT-AFM from AFM Workshop.

It is equipped with two scanners, enabling large (low resolution ) or small (high resolution) scanners. It has an experimental liquid cell for in-situ measurements.

Here are more detailed specifications:

  • Instrument Configuration: Light lever (optical lever) - based sample-scanning AFM
  • Sample Sizes:ca. 13x13x5 mm
  • Imaging Modes: vibrating (tapping), non-vibrating (contact), phase imaging, lateral force microscopy (friction force microscopy)*
  • Imaging Environment: Air or Liquid* (experimental).
  • Z-translation: Vertical direct drive (1micron resolution)
  • XY Translation: manual micrometers
  • Video Optical Microscope: Zoom to 400X, 3 micron resolution (3M pixel camera)
  • Scan Range: 70x70x17 microns or 20x20x7 microns
  • Linearisation: All axes (x, y and z) with strain gauges, which can be turned off for enhanced signal to noise ratio.
  • Z noise level: less than 0.2 Angstrom
  • Vibration isolation: compact passive vibration isolation

*These features are not yet tested.

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phase image of ecoli many bacteria amplitude e. coli
Phase image of E. coli Many E. coli Amplitude E. coli
Grid spore sin phase cells and spore

Silicon grid showing

Phase image of
Cell growing from
spores - 3D 
leishmania cell epithelial cell
Leishmania cell Epithelial cell


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