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 The Portuguese BIO-AFM Network is a forthcoming Research Infrastructure, or RI.



The three labs are in:

Porto   Porto Lab Based in DQB, Requimte Porto. This lab currently houses a TT-AFM from AFMWorkshop, with high resolution facilities. specialising in NanoBio science, bacteria and parasites.
Lisbon   alt Based in IMM, associated to FMUL. This lab has a Nanowizard 2 from JPK, with advanced facilities for use of live cells. Specialised in force spectroscopy and biomedical applications.
Caparica   caparica Based in the chemistry department, FCT-UNL. This lab houses a TT-AFM from AFMWorkshop with an experimental liquid cell for environmental work.


Finalised regulations and conditions for access to the instruments are coming soon. In the meantime, you may consult the Draft Document. Another document contains Prices.




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