The BIO-AFM Network is expected to be functioning in January 2014, if approved by the FCT.


In the meantime, the regulations provided here indicate that the network is already functioning on a voluntary basis, and these regulations are non-binding to the members of the network. These regulations are subject to change at any time.


Once the network is approved, these regulations will change, and the definitive version will be made available in PDF format.


1. The facilities offered are access to AFM instruments, training in AFM, especially biological applications, and support in the use of the instruments, sample preparation, and data analysis.
2. These facilities are open to all researchers, students, and industrial partners, subject to the conditions listed here.
3. Use of instruments by anyone other than BIO-AFM team members is dependent on the following points:
3.1. Probes and other consumables are provided by users, and are not part of the offer. Optionally, BIO-AFM may provide probes to users at cost price. Substrates, either muscovite mica or glass slides may also be available.
3.2. Users may only use the instruments themselves once they have proved that they have suitable training, and are competent in the use of the specific facility required.
3.3. BIO-AFM team members will provide training if necessary.
3.4. The facilities are only available during normal working hours, and there must to be other people present in the labs during working time, for security reasons.
3.5. The facilities can be booked ahead of time. At least one week is typically required. In the case of a dispute over the time allotted, the BIO-AFM management member responsible for the facility will have final say.
3.6. Cancellation of a booking must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Any fees associated to the booking will be charged if there is less notice.
4. BIO-AFM team members may also carry out experiments for facility users. This service will be charged for as specified in the regulations of the individual host institute. If prices are not otherwise specified, the BIO-AFM price list (see point 5 of this document) will be applied. This service will typically include scanning, and providing data to the user. Data analysis, and help with sample preparation may be included, at the discretion of the BIO-AFM team member.
5. Prices are revised annually for 2013-2014, they are described in: 6. There are three user categories.
* Scientific collaborators do not pay for use of the facilities.
* Internal users pay only consumables.
* External users pay for use by the hour, and for consumables, if required.
Registration of users as any one of the categories is at the discretion of the Lab manager, and the RI management team.
7. Access. Enquiries about access may be made either via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or to the responsible member of the management team for an individual facility. Currently they are: Porto- Dr. Peter Eaton; Lisbon- Dr. Nuno Santos, Caparica- Dr. Jorge Caldeira.

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